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Only a couple days until June, that's for sure. There's going to be a lot of events and new surprises coming this summer and I am actually looking forward to what will happen. Tomorrow I'm going to go see Captain America: Civil War(my town's movie theatre is usually late on new releases) and I'm super excited for it! :D

I will honestly say that I've been working a lot and I've been forgetting about here but I haven't had time to draw anything or put much of an effort to say something so I may as well do so now when I got the chance.
For starters, I wanna talk about some projects I've been talking about for a while now and some stuff I wanna get off my chest.

On the Sonic side, I have been planning a new fancomic called Sonic: True Blue Heroes, a crossover event about ten different Sonics meeting each other while trying to save the world from Dr. Eggman. I actually delayed progress because I lost the scripts for all chapters/issues because the Android tablet I saved them in got a black screen. My tablet was password protected and obviously I couldn't see where I'd be typing on the keyboard. It wasn't until recently when I got an HDMI cable and recovered the script and other lost files I had on my tablet's memory.
I took a look at the scripts and the story seemed... terrible. Like, a cheesy kind of terrible.
Wanna know a secret? I have never seen all episodes of Sonic Underground and blame me for laziness because honestly, that show never really interested me and some of its signature tracks including its theme song really started to annoy me. *dodges tomato*
I still don't think I'm ready to do a comic yet. I got the skill but I just need more time.
As of now, for the second time unfortunately, I've cancelled another fan comic project.
Personally, Sonic's 25th anniversary is not going so hot right now. I was disappointed at the lack of any reveals or new information and while I am entertained by some of the Big the Cat memes on Twitter and Tumblr, I'm not fully satisfied. Plus I heard Sonic Runners was ending its service and I was like "I'm so done". This kind of baggage kind of bums me out to low motivation and I will honestly say Sonic is really having it bad right now.
Even the Archie Comics series are having troubles, what with all the delays and the fact that the new Knuckles arc for Sonic Universe would have started by now along with the conclusion of the Shattered Planet arc in the main series. 
Point is, Sonic is really getting too slow on updates and while I am a patient guy most of the time, this isn't going fast enough for me.

On the Gumball side of things, wow! 
I am loving the new episodes and it makes me wish to go back to Gumball again. The Nest, The Love, and some of the other new episodes are so funny and surprisingly well done. You have no idea how weird it is to see an episode from Season 1 and then watch an episode from Season 4. The contrast is so great in terms of execution and humor as well as the show's old artistic style (remember when the character Rachel Wilson existed, Rob wasn't an outcast and Tina Rex had a goofier looking design?).
I will say that I am looking forward to the next ten episodes coming up including The Disaster Parts One and Two. I think it has something to do with those ominous paintings done by Banana Joe's mom. :D 

Finally, I've been working night shifts and I get very little day offs, usually on weekends. It really stresses me out but that usually happens when you have a job.The time and amount of art I'll post here and anywhere else is low but I'll do my best on it. I'm not sure how things will go on from here but you have my word that I'll never stop making art. Art defines me the most and I want to remind everyone of it. Thanks for reading this journal and hope you guys are having an awesome weekend.

TAWoG Question: Who should get an age chart next? 

69 deviants said The Watterson Parents(Nicole and Richard)
68 deviants said Carrie Krueger
56 deviants said Penny Fitzgerald
9 deviants said Other(comment!)


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(Click here, here is somthing that I would want you to see)…
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Do you take request? Because I got one. Can you draw Gumball as either David Bowie or Frank Sinatra
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Hey, Juan. How's it been lately?
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Know how that feels. ^^; I guess we are all busy lately.
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I'm just hoping for a day off to spend some time with someone and maybe draw stuff. :=
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Skidaro Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
What do you think of Mighty No. 9 and Freedom Planet as "successors" to Mega Man and Sonic?
WaniRamirez Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh boy, let's see. ^^

Freedom Planet is definitely something. I really like the characters and the surprising amount of story it contains. Believe me when I say that the game play is pretty sweet and feels Sonic-ey. :D With enough effort and praise from the upcoming sequel, it can be the next Sonic.

As for Might No. 9, I am sooo glad to see another Mega Man-esque kinda game again, let alone done by the original creator Inafune himself. :) I have hopes for the game though it does have its notorious development cycle. XD 
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You deserve mah watch man. You earned it.
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I don't wanna sound like I'm fishing for attention here but uh, when I remember that you said that you're a Danny Phantom phan (yes, pun intended), I also remembered this drawing I made a while ago: Gumball Phantom

Enjoy :XD:
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