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Hey guys.
Man, it feels like ages since I wrote a journal longer than any of my previous ones about this topic but hey, thats another thing getting in the way.

What I want to talk about is The Amazing World of Gumball. 

Also on others, specifically, the fandom.

Hoo boy, where do I start?


How about Gumball and Carrie? 
For those new to this shipping, its quite simple.
Pair up the main character(Gumball) with a side character(Carrie Krueger).

While they do have their obvious personality differences, its absolutely stunning how fans had gone through that barrier and make the relationship dynamic actually work, almost in a magical way even. While there was the occasional fan-fiction here and there, you need to understand that this shipping is not considered canon. 

Saying that is very hypocritical of me. I mean, lets face it, I am a 100% whore on this fan shipping and if you don't think thats true, you obviously haven't seen my gallery good enough. But what we must know is that this shipping reached a point where it is more accepted than any other shipping for the show, including Gumball and Penny. 
Now before we reach that issue, lets give a rundown about Gumball and Carrie.

Fanart? Check.
Fanfictions? Check.
Fankids? CHECK.
Already this shipping hit the main points for a standard shipping but thats the problem. Gumball and Carrie has gotten too far on one of those and I'll give you three guesses on which one it is...

From what a certain friend of mine has said, Gumball and Carrie is overflowing with more than 100 fanchildren.
Let me repeat that.
100 fanchildren, and its still rising but thats probably an exaggeration.
And don't remind me if I got the number wrong because at this point, does it really matter?
For one thing, I actually tried to do a nice thing for my friends and draw every last cute little kiddie in the shipping a year or so ago. 
But things got rough with some people and me being one artist, I grew tired and scrapped the project. I still remembered the day I drew and colored about 50 of them without break... Yeah, I'm nuts. 
Now don't get me wrong, other fandoms have this kind of thing going too and I totally understand that while Gumball and Carrie may not be that much of a special case, its still nuts for me.
Its like its own separate fandom from a fandom. 
The Amazing World of Gumball ----> Gumball and Carrie

And on top of that, the shipping of Gumball and Carrie has of course, died down a little since the recent premiere of Season 3 for The Amazing World of Gumball.
If you want to know what the fandom is like now, three words. SEX. INCEST. AND OTHER STUFF THATS WRONG. But mostly sex!
And one final thing: if anyone wants to be a part of this fandom, go crazy because it already is. ^^ 


Next thing I want to talk about is the comic done by Boom Studios/Kaboom.
So far it looks pretty promising. :) I have both issues digitally and they're cool reads.

(Now for the criticism, yeah!)

But its not the perfect comic, at least for me. The stories so far don't run in a continuity so each issue starts off clean of the canon at any certain point. 
In a comic book aspect, this can be a good thing so new readers can start fresh and won't be worried about continuity issues.

Though personally a multi-issue arc would be pretty interesting. I, myself, have a few ideas and though I can always do a fancomic myself, I don't have the patience and time for it now.

Writer Frank Gibson does an okay job with the characters and their personalities. My only complaint is that there are moments too many where Gumball is just plain stupid or overly dumb. I get that its for comedy and humor but the way how stupidity works in this comic reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants after the sixth season.

Lets talk about the artwork done by a certain Tyson Hesse. 
Now, before I can start, it can be said that Mr. Hesse is inspirational to many people and he did good work on other comics like Adventure Time and Cartoon Hangover. And lets not forget his own work of Boxer Hockey.
He's also the same guy who did the infamous Sonic comic. YES, SONIC'S ADVENTURE.
But does his art hold up for the comic book of The Amazing World of Gumball?

Meh, so or so.
Don't get me wrong, he's not a terrible artist. No, he draws the characters very well and there were pretty awesome moments but he always has a certain gag in his style that annoys me a lot...
Every now and then, there are panels when Gumball or any other character have very silly or cartoonish faces. This is only me but this is where his art fails.
All those stupid faces make me facepalm... some of the faces remind me of times when Spongebob Squarepants did stupid faces in his newer episodes and that is not often a good thing to compare.
Some of you say I'm probably just jealous and hey, maybe I am! I really don't know if I am jealous or just facing the fact that I may not be a big hot-shot artist like him.
I want to become an inspirational artist and be devoted to art but my life now is kinda keeping that dream on hold for who knows how long. I can rant more about this but the more I do, the more I make a hypocrite of myself. Please forgive my little outburst there, anyone who is reading this.

Other stuff I got to say as well.
The plot involving martial arts is okay but I'm not a huge fan of the new onion master guy, he's so bland and boring. I mean, Zumbo pays the bills, really? Am I missing a reference here or something? Maybe I am.
The issue involving the car and Gumball's jealousy of Tobias was a bit better but more on the nonsense side. I hold a special hatred for this issue because of a certain scene. It involves a scene showing Nicole talking to Anais as they leave the store saying ".. and that's how I got tricked into marrying your father." 
I hated that. Why does that dialogue even exist?
It sounds like a cry for fans who think Nicole and Richard shouldn't have married in the first place.
And tell me if I'm wrong but don't Nicole and Richard love each other
I know I'm too mean right now but I just didn't like that. Its not funny when you state something intended to put self-harm into your esteem and saying it was a mistake. 

I await Issue Three but its plagued with delays and my patience is wearing thin.
I'm better off waiting for a new episode of Gumball every week anyway...


Now about the show itself! :D 

WOW. Season 3 holds many promises and the new episodes are really awesome! 
To be honest, the last time I felt this happy was since Season 2's finale The Finale. 
It was also unreal to see more characters and the return of familiar faces like Molly Collins the dinosaur. :D I really liked her and I did notice she went missing in Season 2. The Void is a really interesting thing and one of the coolest things in the TAWOG mythos.

Also the new voice actors for Gumball and Darwin? Great. The new VAs do a great job of potraying the guys and thought its sad to see Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye leave, I'm very happy with Jacob Hopkins and Terrell Ransom, Jr.
Heck, the episode The Kids was a great start for Season 3 and I can't wait for more. 

Another note is that when I heard that the show was renewed for a fourth and fifth season, I was so happy. You have no idea, guys. :D
Bless Cartoon Network, looks like there's still hope for you guys after all. ^^

By the way guys, Penny is just a peanut with antlers, not a damn deer, okay?
Get over it. We'll all get answers in two weeks or so when The Shell comes. 
Yay for "Miyazaki-esque" goodness! :D


Well I guess that's all I have for now. 
Hope you liked reading this and maybe we can talk next time, huh? :D
Wish me a 19th birthday on Tuesday, okay? ;3;
See ya and never stop living! :wave:


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